Industrial Visit

Industrial Exposure

Industries require the best talent and university should provide it. In the present curriculum of Technical and Management Education there is a gap between universities and the industries. Industrial visits are minimising this gap by acting as a bridge between them.

Industrial visits provide vital information about the organization, its performances and various functioning processes. It also enables to understand internal working environment. As organizational behaviour is a part of curriculam, it is necessary for a Manager and Engineernto understand and get accustomed to the atmosphere of the organization.

Aims & Objectives

  • To improve Faculties in the delivery of the university curriculum.
  • To help students fulfill curriculum requirements.
  • To provide unique opportunity to gain an insight into working environment related to subject area.
  • To help management trainies develop their communication and inter-personal skills in the context of work.
  • To help businesses promote their line of work.



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